The world today has already accepted the concept of cosmetic surgery. If in the past this field obtained so much negative thoughts and serious arguments on whether modification of any part of a person's body is moral and right or the other way around, nowadays the society has attained a significant level of acceptance on this field. This has been proven based on the reality that the demand of the procedures such as face lifts, nose job or rhinoplasty, liposuction and others are consistently on the rise. In fact, it is not that only the artists, celebrities, or famous people have undergone cosmetic surgery. Even the regular consumer now succumbs to this trendy way of beauty enhancement.


Cosmetic surgery is actually one of the branches of plastic surgery which is intentionally done to enhance the overall appearance of an individual through a certain surgical technique. It can be done in any part of the body such as the neck, head, nose, and many more. While another branch of plastic surgery known as reconstructive surgery concentrate on the repair of body defects caused by burns, trauma, disease, or congenital anomalies; cosmetic surgery deals primarily on improving body symmetry, proportion, or essentially bringing in aesthetic appeal.  


Because of the rising field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, the numbers of surgeons in the industry has been escalating as well. However, many of the patients do not know what specific professional they would turn to for beauty enhancement since these two seem the same. If a patient in Miami for example has a goal to enhance her breast, take away wrinkles, and other aesthetic modifications, then she shall look for a quality miami plastic surgeons, and not a general plastic surgeon. Indeed, the miami plastic surgeons could be the best. Nevertheless, miami cosmetic surgery is within the scope of a cosmetic surgeon and should rightfully perform the procedure.



To make it a lot clearer and aside from the mentioned information in the previous paragraph, plastic surgery is completed during residency training for plastic surgeons in miami. Basically, plastic surgery is the general term for all the field's surgical procedures. The program may include a portion of cosmetic surgery but it also tackles other field like reconstructive and trauma surgical procedures. Right after the professional completed the plastic surgery residency program, it is then that he or she is allowed to subspecialize in cosmetic surgery, and also to other fields of choice. In this phase, specific training for all cosmetic surgical procedures will be done. In the end, the title gained will be professional plastic surgeon with specific expertise on cosmetic surgery.